January 8, 2018

Pest Control Services in Panchkula

Cockroaches are very common in older homes, where they can be found lurking and crawling all over the place. However, even new homes can be a haven for cockroaches. But one need not worry about being overrun with roaches, since there are ways to stop cockroaches from bugging you. Pesticide are consist of poison made chemicals which currently effective and control for long time and preventive for future reproduction. We are usages approved standard chemicals like, Diclorovos, Deltamehtrin, Cypermethrin which apply through the spray method in following areas

  •  Spray in drains of all outside and inside of building.
  •  Spray treatment in kitchen drains sink, cupboards and drawers.
  •  Spray in bathroom drains and nearby.
  •  Spray in hiding places, holes, splits, and cracks.
  •  Spray in basement, paper store, below and behind household items.
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