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Termite control is called silent killer or destroyer.  very important as the damage likely to be caused by the termites is heavy. Wood, paper is one of the cellulosic materials which termites damage, cellulose forming their basic nutrient. They also damage materials with a cellulosic base articles like furniture, furnishings, clothing, stationery etc. Termites are also known to damage some substances like non cellulosic  in their search for food. Rubber, leather, plastics, neoprene with coating used for covering of underground articles are damaged by termites. The huge economic loss damage by termites on post constructional buildings.

On the basis of their structure, termites are divided into two types, namely (a) Subterranean or soil termites, and (b) Non-subterranean or wood  termites having no contact with soil. The subterranean termites are most destructive and are major responsible for the damage caused in  Post constructed buildings. Typically, they form nests or colonies beneath in the soil, near ground other suitable heap of timber, and some species may construct a conical or dome shaped mound. These colonies may survive for many years and, as they  adult, contain a population breeding into millions. All attacks by soil based termites originate from the nest but woodwork of the building may be reached by means of mudtubes constructed within. Chemical barriers  prevent the termites from spreading structure of the building will protect by chemical barrier of post constructed building . Treating the underground the building and around the inner perimeter with a  insecticide is a good preventing measure which is most effective throughout the world. The purpose of this treatment is to made a insecticide barrier between the ground from where the termites come and move to woodwork, cellulosic materials and other articles of the building which may form  for the termites.


A termite control method must be able to find out the detect of termites in a building. A super technical knowledge and experience is need to determine if there is a termite problem in a building, especially in the early stages when the movement has just started or it is confined to prefer locations in the building. The technician must know the habits of termite , the procedure in which they work, the places where they are likely to be found.

As subterranean termites born from the soil to  entry into a buil1ding, the portions of the building in  adjacent to the soil must be the first  inspected. These  include the basement, ground floor, steps leading from the ground, columns, porches etc.

Locations where there is dampness or where warm conditions seem, such as bathrooms, lavatories, or other places where there are leaky pipes or drains are likely places of termite problem. Woodwork at basement or ground floor level, especially in humid locations, should be inspected. The places which preventive action scrutinies are the points where woodwork is connected with floor or in the wall as termites’ entry through cracks and crevices in the concrete or brickwork in which the wooden articles are installed.

The signs of  of termites in a building are the mud tubes which are termite running. As termites have soft bodies which cannot survive in the drying air, they move about in mud tubes which they build when they have to cross open surfaces which are exposed into the deep side of wall or wooden articles. Therefore, not easily noticed and may go trained professional need to termite control.

Termites spread inside timber without breaking the mud tube. They are known to eat away a board completely leaving of paint on the surface. If they disturb open the mud tube at any point accidently, they quickly close it up, and activity continues under the surface without detection. Woodwork in vulnerable locations must be carefully inspected to find out if termites have attacked the wood. In the absence of any external signs of damage, the wood article should be to see if is hole having been eaten up from inside.


This is a process in which soil treatment is applied to a building during the early stages of its construction. It consists of following stages:

  1. Treatment of foundations and Basements
  2. Treatment of soil along external perimeter of building
  3. Treatment of walls retaining soil above floor level

Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. There are about 2,000 known termite species in the world. Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage.

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